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Our truly special SailEquine Logo was designed and hand drawn by local Watkins artist Shane Dunn.

SailEquine Horse Program Services for Anxiety & PTSD

~PATH and CPR Certified Instructors Lisa McKee Burdick and Ms. Brittney Robinson are thrilled to be at your service!  

~ Our Instructors pride themselves in being helpful and positive each day. 

~Lisa McKee Burdick has over 25 years of Teaching Experience with children as well as adults in Hunters, Dressage, Equitation, Cross Country 

~Both of our PATH Certified Instructors graduated at the top of their class at High Hopes in Old Salem Connecticut, the premier teaching center in the country.

~We are proud to be working with Leaps & Bounds Occupational Therapy to offer the utmost experience for each lesson time.

~Private one on one Riding Lessons developed to help with specific goals in mind.

~Lesson Plans catered around the child's specific needs

~Kind, Quiet, very well trained, HAPPY Horses & Ponies with years and years of experience.

                  SailEquine: Support for Active Inspired Lives with Equines!

~Pictures of our sweet & wonderful Foxtale ponies & horses will be added this week!


SailEquine is elated to begin work THIS THURSDAY night on our NEW "Down Memory Lane" DiSCOVERY TRAIL!

    This Trail will feature Discovery Stations for students to ride to and discover learning activities while mounted on their pony!  

Down Memory Lane Granite & Brick Memorials

Down Memory Lane Memorial proceeds will help support our Discovery Trail!  Each brick & granite Memorial purchased will be placed on the Discovery Trail and will feature yoiur beloved dog or horse with your personalized message in tribute.  Please find more info on the Down Memory Lane Page!

Big NEWS!!!

SailEquine is incredibly proud and honored to be working with LEAPS & BOUNDS in Elmira Heights! We are excited to create a very unique riding experience!

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